Tragically, there are literally millions of people out there who believe deep in their hearts that putting white text on a black background is somehow "cool" or "edgy." Some have even gone so far as to try to make an environmental case for this practice (disputed). Can you tell, I'm not a fan?

Here are Luis's top 3 reason not to use white text on a black background:

  • It hurts! After about a minute of looking at a full page of text styled this way your eyes will begin to feel bad from reading.
  • It proclaims to the world that your web site was designed from the depth's of your parent's basement (or your own).
  • It's not impossible to use this style without affecting legibility, but you're probably not a cutting edge designer (sorry).
Trust me, if you're considering using this combination on your web site, you should reconsider. You'll only end up hurting the ones you love: your users!