If you leave comments on Wordpress blogs, or a growing number of other sites lately, you may have noticed lately that sometimes your photo shows up beside your comment even though you didn't upload it to that site. That's because a service called Gravatar is working behind the scenes to "translate" your email address into your picture. How does it do that? Well, it simply serves up the photo you associated with your email address through your Gravatar account.

"But wait a second", you're saying, "I didn't set up a Gravatar account in the first place but I still see my picture."

Neither did I! Looks like Gravatar is scouring public profiles that might be associated with your email address to make sure it has something to serve but, the picture it finds may not be the picture you still want associated with your email address. Granted, this isn't *that* big a deal since presumably you chose the image Gravatar found in the first place, but if your want your online "persona" to stay current, you should create and update a Gravatar account.